Testo The enemy

Testo The enemy

Go on, call it weakness

But you're the loser of this war

Call it none of my business

Now here I am and I'll find you there again

So soon I got you on your knees

So soon the lights have changed to green

I can't rest and wait in silence

After all these things I've seen

You got eyes to face it all

The walls around you are not so tall

But fine, relax and watch the sunset

I will stand and you will fall

And when the new day comes

Again those days gone by return

How much time has passed since then

I don't care, I let them burn

After a while the newness is gone completely

And then there is this kind of dread

Kind of creeping dread

Still your hand rests on my shoulder

But you turn your eyes away from me

And one by one we end the day

Now as you think that I'm the enemy
Testi Kiss the Blade