Testo Subsoil combat

Testo Subsoil combat

Within the first weeks I got that feeling

I could tell you everything, you said

Oh, yeah, so you started thinking of ways

How to treat me right
Just bear in mind that I am not your pal, my friend

Always bear in mind that I am not your pal

I'm halfway through a shady combat

But nothing will harm you as long as I'm around

There's not much more for me to do now

Only time will prove you that I'm true, you said

And as I sat there longing for what I thought I'd lost

I answered slowly how I'd love to believe you

But it changed as soon as I left you in the doorway

No opportunity to tell you what that morning had achieved

How our trust and our hope defeated my fears

My doubts extinguished by a flood of relief

Unexpected avalanche

Again I'm trembling, you said

And after all these words of what had happened

I understand you wished I'd told you all before

Bloody disguise

I ended my feigning but it would be a lie

If I claimed I stopped it all on purpose

Bear in mind I'm not your pal
Testi Kiss the Blade