Testo Anaklit

Testo Anaklit

I can't judge from a distance

But my memory keeps me close to what you've done

Close to what you meant to me

So I feed my memory to understand just what you mean to me

But you are gone

You're no longer in my world

And lifeman said "the world is all there is"

So you are no more

But he was wrong

You are there

You're right here, right beside me, within me

You are always in my heart

And you'll never leave me

And we both know that b.o. saved my life


Does "yet" really mean "one day"?

And when I claim to care less than usual I lie

That's all that memories can do

Stop you from growing cold

And help you just the same as you grow old

I'm older now and I "know better than before"

I know where I've been going wrong

Just like I know I can't change for long
Testi Kiss the Blade