Testo Never forget

Testo Never forget

I'll never forget the day we met

For the first time we talked

I'll never forget this face

I'll never forget this smile
I'll never forget these eyes

Eyes of crystal blue

Never forget. Never forget.

This everlasting memory is tearing me apart

The greatest pain on earth

The voice was gentle as it told me stories of another life

A way of living I never had

How much was reached and made and done in those few years

I ask me what is yet to come

Never forget. Never forget.

The trips to the places where heaven is on earth for us

A head full of plans for the forthcoming life

This smiling face expressed contentment with everything

A friendly reliance from the first moment on

Never before did anyone talk to me that way

Nobody else ever made me cry

I can never forget.

I can never forget.
Testi Kiss the Blade