Testo Need to be left

Testo Need to be left

A steady low-watt glow

Content but far too far away

Don't know I say, but I do know well

So you were dreamy, but you had noone to dream about
And now I've got several dreams of mine to sell

She says it's hard to say I love you, but I'll do it anyway

She needs to be left

Was I supposed to fight?

Supposed to hold on tight?

She needs to be left

"You owe me that much"

Can I believe my ears?

"I am entitled to know these things about us"

While asking me things that make me scream who are you

You need to be left

She still looks nice and sensible and all the things she used to be

But the love of my life plays tricks on me

How could you walk out on me like that?

Don't try to convince me to forget

And don't pretend that all of this is new to you

A steady low-watt glow

Unless I see her again the way she seemed to be

And I can't really see that sort of vision descending down on me tonight

You need to be left
Testi Kiss the Blade