Testo King

Testo King

Don't ask me for what remains

Your picture here is wet with stains

The tragic taste of hostile games

Ended our ride - my friend

Precious moments are all gone

I won't ask you what went wrong

No need for me to come along

Or even turn my face to you

Nothing in my mind is new

Just one thing not to do

No, you've never been untrue

But still there's nothing more to say - admit

I see it clearly day by day

Some moments never fade away

The power I gained is here to stay

But will it help me stand this loss

Hear me speak and listen, too

All my thoughts are known to you

Kickout the candles, turn on the light

Make the painting shine so bright

Promise me the promise I

Never want you to deny

Hear my desperate silent cry

Oh, King - don't let it die
Testi Kiss the Blade