Testo This Antidote Fails

Testo This Antidote Fails

just play dead for a minute)

Scab, flake and scar
Tempting fate and you forget that
You would bleed to death
If I let you
Remove your tourniquet
Drown in your disease
On the bedspread
In the darkness
I cry out (you cry out)
I cried out for you to save me
Like the childhood games
We used to play
aimless and impatient
Becoming like what we hated
Avoided and negated
To this day

My wasted breath helps to fuel the fire
Torn viciously
From your searing eyes Searching for the certain cure
But the antidote fails

Follow the masses
To cold earth and caskets
We are what you made us
Its to late to save us
To love what your thinking
This hatred were drinking
Darken the senses
And splinter defenses

I know its not your fault
We knew the boundary lines
We carved them in the earth
With simpler things in mind
And as we watch the flames
Lap up what is left
Of my control of consciousness
And your broken innocence

I will send a letter to hell, with love
I know it will find you well
And kiss your blackened lips goodbye
Im sorry that its come to this
My darling
Im sorry that its come to this
Your end is in ashes

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