Testo Avaritia

Testo Avaritia

Suffer those slips
those lips
from which i beg for mercy
to last breath
to silence its all
what you've had coming
Offering all but giving
nothing to those who worship
the bounds of silence laid out
among the last of those who...

(I remain without those i love)

Asked with action
and frought with guilt I
Feel no pity
not for one who trades blows with his own
I will take what is mine
take what no one has offered
i will leave nothing behind
indulge in new temptaion
Tremble by the step with caution
no one cares to see your face
THings performed by idle hands
the deeds no one can dare escape
tremble by the step with caution
give your strength to me my son
clarify the truth among the lies
to find our dead and gone

Of dust and dirt
I lay your body
of faintest beauty
and darkest dreams
the pace pressed on
in steady matter
the love and strength you shared with me

To end the youthful innocence
debt paid in blood of the weak
we file away the sickness
so useless so useless

(i remain without those i love)

And as your star burns strong
You will guide my way back to hold you
so carry on
until i show you just how this story ends

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