Testo Box Lunch At The Y

Testo Box Lunch At The Y

Mix the firelight
And compliment with
with fluctuating
endless ebbing
of the tide within my chest
on the scene
you hear my words
but cant know what they mean
so listen closely dear
Im here to open up your eyes

Watch the sky
watch anything but
dont look in my eyes
cause I wont last a minute in your
sights and hold
your breath as I hold mine
this body never meant to stand against
perfection of this kind

Tell the truth
pay the price
whether wrong or right theres no changing of what you feel
and Im not one to fight
futile as these hopes may be
I made a promise I must keep
so cut me open cut me open, cut me

You and I
were meant for so much
greater things but
here is where we lie
and I cannot find the strength to fight tonight

You are
the last thing from what I deserve
electric in your every word
in every breath, in every step
you take your beauty all for granted
you cant youll never see you like I do

Pick up the heart that beats that bleeds for you
I cant find I wont find the trust to
See this through

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