Testo Dont Touch The Sides

Testo Dont Touch The Sides

Reading thoughts of solemn speech
and shaking hands that plague my dreams
and starting silence i awake to what
i have come to call my world
shades of blackness
threat to break what others never dare to shake
and now you come to claim
the colors i profess to see are nothing beautiful
there's nothing touching about this shade of grey
since your laughter sounds the same
no one slows to think that that can change
when words are rearranged

Rising from the depths of darkness
screaming at the dreams of silent sight
so lets just fade away to nothing
hoping that we live each moment right
waking up for the first time

Liken me to all the poets you can whisper in your sleep
for i am not forever cursed as you'd expect i'd be
my hoping's solace would take these open seams and twilight scenes
and fade to curtain cut connect things meant to lay away as
Shots ring to the sky
the moon's the doctors light to shine
the prison bars I find
are lifted from my state of mind

(this will do fine)

With you fingers on my wrist
and your soft skin in my sight this first time
and will i love what id imagine you would be
cling to me
cling to me

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