Testo Vaniatis Pt. 2

Testo Vaniatis Pt. 2

Reflect and reject what you see
For those beyond the grasp of reason have
nothing left to fear
You'll take your hate your scorn your ill intent
Was not by some but slight event
to everything that you hold dear

so lie and tell me that you love me
through evil deeds does evil rise
horrid empty stares you gave me
If love can save you let her try

In this night
hate reigns in your eyes
please count this new compassion for the life you left behind
through this light
darkness i cant hide
the truth will rise to meet you from sleep and shadows you will find

Share the silence of sirens
who have gathered here today
to draw the wicked nearer
in this cruel twist of fate forgive me
for what ive done
no mercy
for the final standing son

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