Testo The Third Grasps The Charm

Testo The Third Grasps The Charm

Murder stains these walls,
telling tales of battles lost
repentance is all she wants she cries oh god please save my soul
this home is not a home but a battle field, bodies scattered on the floor
lifeless and cold, lays her son who she holds, beginning him to fill
his longs once more.

All I ask, is that you realize what I have left
avenge my death

I long for, the opportunity to fight again.
and taste the sweet revenge I so sorely deserve
bury every thing that reminds you of me
so carry on soldier, carry on

Priceless she finds the laugh, that long ago had graced her walls
dependent on the touch, she prays that shell be with him soon
she grasps the knife once with selfish intent, she comes back to it
once again

Third times the charm and shell focus the harm to those whove
ruined her family and home.

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