Testo Unhold

Testo Unhold

I have eaten from the embers today

Eternal flames have burned my tongue off the taste

Blackest venom running down my throat and through my veins

As I take a look in the mirror
I can see a dead man looking back at me

Weighted down by the pain

It drags me down to my own worst hell

I don`t mind I go up in flames

In the end this is a path of no return...freezing slowly

My skin turns into ice

The hatred burns inside

It keeps me alive

One million thoughts on my mind

As I`m walking under a dead sky

With a black heart and bloody feet

Through the shards of all my shattered dreams

Weighted down by the pain

It drags spoke of gold...only offered coal...so much left undone...so much left unhold...straight into the fire

Through the ashes I rise

Lock your doors I`m coming back

One day vengeance us mine...
Testi Koroded