Testo God Of Nothingness

Testo God Of Nothingness

Feel the weight

Shadows on my skin

Break away

A blackened stain remains
Koroded My destination is clear

I will not go astray

The last resort

God It seems to be just a path of no return

I give it all away

Of Everything that I am doesn`t count here anywayI gave it all away

Nothingness All my flaws all my pain

Now erased by the god of nothingness...pass it by

Songtexte Faces reappear

Liquid flows to the source again

Now and yesterday

Songtext It all melts away

We are becoming one again in the arms of innocence

Lyrics I give it all away

Everything that I am doens`t count here anyway

Lyric Give it all away

All my flaws all my pain

Now erased by the god of nothingness...I`m weighted down and sinking fast

Liedertexte Deeper into this abyss

There is no way back from where I`m going now

Liedertext This is my final breath

This is the night the earth stands still... Alle
Testi Koroded