Testo Embers

Testo Embers

My friend of shiny years

All the time begging me to leave

Koroded Erased from my memories

Can I miss what I don`t remember
Embers Kept me warm while life got colder

Pain inside is growing older

Songtexte Stole into our lives

Slow motion suicide

With bloodshot eyes

I watch that sweet thing die...stole into our lives

Songtext Slow motion suicide

Without you life is nothing

With you my life was hell...question drag me down

Lyrics All and none of the answers I found

Lurking in the past

Lyric Now become alive

Shadows grasp

Breathing in these evil spirits

Deep down where it cannot be killed

Liedertexte Desperate eyes are looking back at me

As I turn back on my love

Liedertext Still I have a heart and so I let it bleed

Alle Like I never did before

The embers burn inside me and you...I got to save myself from drowning in a lake of sorrow

Koroded Tearing our world apart feels like inhaling dark cold water

It makes it much harder to take

Embers You are still here but you are gone without a trace

Songtexte And you are never coming back...
Testi Koroded