Testo Whisper

Testo Whisper

I've been waiting all night
watching as this moonlight shines through your hair
and tell me this will never last
just tell me this is in the past
cause i'm all yours my dear

and you say, say that you were ready
but we know, you were never ready for whats to come

and watching from your window
thats all i can do
till hes done
till hes done with you

and i'm so impressed
by the way that she moves her hands down my chest
is this love again?

so go on
describing how i make you feel
cause its all i wanna hear
well maybe you're right
maybe now is not the time
for just a whisper of the things
that we hold dear

and maybe stars will grace your sky
like open arms and wonder why
she cries inside
bring these walls down again
cause i don't know where she goes
when she goes over my head
Testi dei Sequence (The)