Testo The Only Thing

Testo The Only Thing

Well i've been wondering how these words will sound
as they force they're way out of your mouth
and leave your throat sore so that you cant argue back

and i know its hard to speak the truth
when you look at me now as lovers sometimes do
well i've felt the weight
believe me you don't know anything

i don't have you
i'm all alone
but so what
well i'm happy now
and thats more than i can say for you

so sing along
to our anthem or our theme song, call it what you want
oh baby, this is where we stop
and i write my songs to tell you off

oh forget
every memory you look back on and regret
has this sickness caused you problems yet?
cause its the only thing that i've got left

well i know you're feeling uncomfortable
like you're underdressed at your funeral
and your family's losing faith because of you

and so, so go
show me how to live
like you i wanna see you live
right now, oh right now

feeling you were
say that you were ready
but we know
you were never ready for whats to come
Testi dei Sequence (The)