Testo Inevitable

Testo Inevitable

You say that I'm not patient.
That it'll happen either way.

Until tomorrow, I'll assume today will be the day.
To fight the normality of what I'll become,
Is all that is holding me above the setting sun.

And I'll be the standard, when it's all said and done.
All these people can never stop my run.

I don't see your point. There's nothing left to lose.
I've still got a couple doses to forget where I've come from.
It's obvious that I am chosen to inherit all the fame.
It's never luck when you know the answers. No, I'm not ashamed.

I swear you'll never view me the same.
Bankrupt and fucked up is all part of the game.

Forget all the odds. You're all just the same.
In travels, I've proven people know my name.

This is the blinding.
This is the lie I live every day.
The way you live is unreachable to me.
It's all inevitable. I know it's all inevitable.
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