Testo The End (iii)

Testo The End (iii)

How is it that you saw
Something much different than
What came to you
It was never like that at all
Why did you think it was
All just because of you?
It is just not your fault
How long will this take you?

An over active mind you have
The trauma has you now
The trauma has you now

So take this place at sea
So take this place at sea

There's not much to explain to you
But my voice comes from inside you
You should have known that these scenes don't exist
They don't exist

The fact is that I am gone
And all my memory lives in you

You made this real
Not me
Not spirit

It was you that made
Your heartache take
The best of you

These words, still can't love you
And these thoughts are full of hate
I'm not waiting on you

May ghosts stop haunting you
And your mind to clear its fate
Just be alive

I never meant to harm you
And I never did a thing
You dreamt this scene

I drowned alone that night
You got away
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