Testo No Love For The Nation

Testo No Love For The Nation

After 2 world wars and a unique genocide in history
There is still this country called germany
With ignorant people proudly waving flags
And fascists living the spirit of 33
While the government deports immigrants
And the media brainwashes with national propaganda

Let's burn this country down
Bombs on Berlin!

From day to day swastikas are sprayed on Jewish cemeteries
And refugees are killed in state prisons
While fascists are still
beating up those who're not looking ?German? enough
Their parties are voted into parliament
And all those fucking companies that were holocaust-profiteering
Are still some of the richest in the world

Stick your national pride up your fucking ass!

There is not a single reason to be proud
of being born in the offenders' country
And I wish myself back to 1945
when US bombs burned these cities down

Germany - You're not the casualty!
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