Testo In Direction Of Escaping

Testo In Direction Of Escaping

I've been living in this world for far too long
Taking all that shit upon me for far too long
No! my solution won't end in self-destruction
Nor will I leave to let this society rest in peace

Hell yeah we're leaving ┬┤cause we're at war
A counter culture rising to the surface, just waiting to attack
Smash the borders, burn the money, burn their flags
and create a world upon equality instead of this insanity

I want to run and want to see
This empire collapsing behind me
I'd stand still, breathing in deep
To remember the tortured, the enslaved and killed
In one second it would all pass my mind
On second and then never look behind

The boredom in our hearts will be washed away
And the empty eyes will learn to shine again
Our hearts and our souls we will feel them inside
Resisting in passion - revolution is life

Resistance is passion for a vision gone dead
And these Songs are knowledge that it's never too late
To stand up for your dreams and struggle to be free
With the fire in our hearts, we raise our voice - revolution is our choice
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