Testo Pay Day

Testo Pay Day

Yea! It's Shofu and VI Seconds! And we gettin' money! Pockets lookin' like a Chansey! Yea! I tell 'em everyday is Pay Day. Yea! Yea!

They like, "Shofu, where you been at?" They want my whereabouts
Been workin' hard, I see it payin' off all in my bank account
Will never have the same amount
Money what I rave about
'Cause wit it come the power, respect, it's all paramount
I just copped the Platinum, the Silver, and I'ma wear it out
Shoot you out the air, think you fly until I air you out
You ain't talking money; it's somethin' I don't care about
Black and money-minded, they call me Alolan Meowth

Beyond clout, I put a rest to the naysayers
I only know about money, my only attack is Pay Day
I hear the shit that they say
But that's they only purpose
They steady talkin', I'm walkin' in shit they couldn't purchase
How many times you see a spider in ya area? Dos
Twin 'Raris, and the whip color Ariados
Eeveelutions on the wrist, different stones get involved
The light hit it, see a Sunkern evolve

Got our bands up, nigga, we ain't fuckin' wit y'all I just caught a bad bitch, she'd tried to bust out the ball
Buy out the stores in Lumiose and you just stuck on the [fault?]
The gun is Smeargle and you 'bout to get the luck of the draw

I be the hottest thing underneath the sun till it fall
You ain't fly, you just Ditto everyone in the mall
Ya girl Electrode fetish, she be huggin' my balls
She heard the D's great, so she tryna fuck with a wall

You can't see me, watch me come up out the shadows like a Dark-type
Cruisin' to the dough, I'm hard to handle like a Mach Bike
Gold belt with the Emerald on it lookin' godlike
You ain't really killing niggas, pussy, that's a False Swipe

Shit ain't gon be alright
You might catch a hard right
The 'Nine go "bark, bark," [they?] always been all bite
I kill shit, when I leave, you'll see hearse
After this round, throw ya top like UB Burst

I cut a nigga life in half like, "ooh, he Cursed"
Bitch wanna dollar outta me, she better sue me first
This my money, not for the hoes
For the luxury and the clothes
And she wonder why I'm so cold
All this ice on me got me froze
TM 12, you want all my bread, I heard it straight from the source
Don't make demands if you can't take it by force
This army don't need a weapon to do my damage
You ain't takin' my voice
Do I think I'm gonna make it? Of course
We poppin' bottles 'cause all of my niggas young and successful My whole crew be lit
These Type: Null-ass niggas, they want the god on a crucifix
But I ain't never losin' it
They just mad they ain't doin' shit
Missingno glitched my money, my pockets be so exuberant
Was once a young nigga poppin' off doin' stupid shit
Now I'm chasin' the money like Lusamine ain't the lunatic
Cash talkin', I'm true to this Porygon like computer chips
Shofu and VI Seconds off the backboard, alley-oop and shit

Who is this? It's like niggas forgot who the Gawd be
Like I can't clap and have someone bringing my coffee
Like, I ain't been run shit with the punchlines
Like I ain't switchin' Regions to eat when it's lunchtime
Shiiiit, it's lookin' like you should pay homage
My Hands Crazy, and you don't want that big damage
Three on my neck, Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires
Touch the gems, [pat?] the piece in ya mouth, then pass the fire
Who the fuck is y'all? Y'all waitin' to be nicknamed
Charmander, I get bigger and stay spittin' flame
I'm in a different lane
I get paper in a hurry
Your money slow and you dress like a furry
I got broads out in Johto
And stay with the potent
The crib drinkin' potion
And I'm lettin' ya Hoenn
This is different fly, Mega Latios over mountains
I'm suited to be the Boss, Giovanni with the outfit, nigga
Trap Ketchum. Gawd

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