Testo Like Red

Testo Like Red

Bitch I'm flexin' on my DS
I ain't got no time for BS

Dot, dot, dot, I pull up like Red
Dot, dot, dot, if it ain't 'bout the bread
Dot, dot, dot, three dots on his head
Don't like how you comin, I let off the lead
Got your girl singing, she put me to bed
Ain't bout' the money, I'm runnin', I fled
Oak, he gon' stop me 'fore takin' a step
Exeggute niggas, I scramble they eggs
I want it pronto and I know my limit
It doesn't exist therefore I'ma go get it
Pull up to the League like, "who is you kiddin'?"
Squirtle and Bulbasaur, I'm water whippin'
Cooking up Embers when I'm in the kitchen
Fuck with me wrong, I'ma have started digging, no Diglett
I come through with clips and extensions
Put you in the ground and Rollout like I'm Whitney
Beat yo Gym, I need my check
I need my Badges, I'm here to collect
Boy I look just like Machamp how I Flex
Boy I'm too Fly, hit the Ground, no effect What it do, bitch, I'm trapping right out of Mt. Moon
Need a bad bitch with a pink pussy like Mew
I hit it and leave the shit dripping like Gloom
Red over here, we don't fuck with that Blue
I been in the lab like Oak
I am too wavy, you gon' need a boat for the flow
Max IVs on my Pokes
Got a Nugget and I'm Surfin' on the coast
I ain't never goin' broke
They be like, "Why your bag tripping tho?"
MissingNo, MissingNo, MissingNo
They be like, "Why your slots tripping tho?"
MissingNo, MissingNo, MissingNo

Call that rapper dead, 'cause he dead
Pull up to the Indigo league like Red
Bitch I'm flexin' on my DS
I ain't got no time for BS

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