Testo Kami Clouds

Testo Kami Clouds

Jase Money hit us up, gang in this bitch
Put out my GameBoy and give her the link
Cables all in her like [?] that bitch
PE$O and Shofu like Lilo and Stitch
Magikarp swag how I Splash on your bitch
Kid in the liq, yes we hittin' the liq
Arcanine make double cup Chansey pink

[?] like I don't even blink, ay
Slowbro, I don't even think, ay
Fuck with the team then I start takin' shots to my nigga, I don't really drink
You can end up dead in a minute
Styrofoam cup got a Muk color up in it
Purple like a Icy Wind, slow when I'm spittin'
Four doors, Windows 10-in'
Mo' hoes when you winnin'
I just go when I get it

I just go when I get it, been a minute since I spit it, look just like a Garchomp, slice you to ribbons
Money on Jake, and you others been finished
Drip sauce, [then goes?] just like Frillish
Yes I go and kill it, damn My bitch white, Vanillish, damn
Open up her Aura Sphere, then I Excadrill it, damn

Double cup on me, I can mix it, damn
Movin' real slow so I don't spill it, damn
A Double Team on so you could miss it and my niggas got them pistols on they hip and they gon' make 'em, blam
Brighten yo' night like a lighthouse
Need to get rid of you niggas like white-out
If you ain't talking money, better pipe down, bitch
Wrist all frozen, my shit ice now, bitch
Quickly, my money is time now, yuh
I got yo' bitch in my Hideout
Diamonds and Pearls, nigga, this is my life now
So many bricks I could build a new White House, oouh

HM05, yeah I shine now, oouh
Gogoat my dick how she ride now, oouh
She hit my Poké[mon?] up with some sauce and I told that lil' bitch to come slide now, oouh
PE$O and Shofu, we reppin' the wave
My neck on Bind how I'm rockin' these chains
Three cups of Moomoo Milk right to the face
Run up with guns that be sprayin' like mace, bah bah!

And we don't fuck with you lames
My dick in her mouth, she got nothing to say
Me and that Ruger like Jessie and James, I get messy with brains, spent a check on the chains
Rep the rest on lil' Misty, she bustin' it open
Hit it so hard that lil' bitch need a Potion
HM08, pockets deep like the ocean, Trap Ketchum, the slogan, my clout used Explosion

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