Testo Double Team

Testo Double Team

Shofu, I am in this bitch
Like a pilot in this bitch
And my whole team Fly
I'm like Skyla in this bitch
Wait, wrong flow, but I still ain't never took a loss
Think you Jolteon, it ain't nothin to Volt Switch you off

You can get left behind like Ash's Pidgeot
Caterpie, I pull Strings to get these niggas Shot
Gun called Hitmon, bullets gon' hit his Top
Togepi evolved, now you can Togekiss the Glock

Fireballs, Blaziken spicy chicken with dippin' sauce
I don't talk to Grunts, nigga, go ahead and get ya Boss
So many threats on me, I'ma need a bigger box
Fuck with me, and find out the secret of Ash's missin' pops
Cookin' hot shit, Brock when I whip the pots
A Coin Case ain't big enough for me when I hit the slots
I'm ballin' on you niggas so Swift, I ain't missin' shots

Soundproof; ain't bout the money, I can't hear you niggas talk
It's been four years, and I still got you niggas shocked
And that shit still don't got an effect when it hit a rock Green on my mind, that's a Simisage
I keep an Octillery, you just got a Remoraid
Let me keep it a Voltorb
I'm tired of these niggas spittin' more Spore
It puts me to sleep, then my mood gets 44
You can get left behind like Ash's Butterfree

Niggas on they Ditto, they just tryna be another me
Throw the right Ball, you could live a life of Luxury
Got so many O's wallet lookin' like a Bubble Beam
Hit her with the Super Rod
She couldn't get enough of me
She told me hit it twice
So I had to use the Double Team
Got in, I dig up in it like a Bunnelby
Beat it so hard that she couldn't use Recovery
Whole squad with Leftovers, all my niggas gonna eat
They throwin Night Shade, but I'm sittin' under money trees
Got my arms crossed like a Landorus
Niggas can't handle us
They all boneheads like a Mandibuzz
Go against the gods, bitch, that's blasphemous
Boy, you better act like you care or you can catch a blast from us
Tryna hit the League so I need my Badges pronto
Hit a Belly Drum then beat a nigga like a bongo
It's time to throw hands, you turn tail like Ambipom
So I clap 'em like an Encore
And wack 'em like a Honchkrow

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