Testo I'll Pencil You In

Testo I'll Pencil You In

I'll pencil you in, to scribble you out
but you leave a nice taste in my mouth
all i can taste is your lip-gloss
But its comforting to know
that i could have you...
im sorry, sorry, truly sorry

Your name on a post-it on my wall
such a waste of ink, cause you know..
..i wont call you again.
Stop waiting.
Im not yours
to keep, to use, to love.
.. because it suits you

I cover up, when you call...
someone cut the phone-lines

This is, me in, fucking full effect!

But i like you, like snow.. nobody knows
Your bedroom says alot about you darling.
you told me you like the look of polaroids so i gave you a picture of a picture

This is me in fucking full effect !


I wont sugar-coat this anymore !
we've been here before, and this time it tastes better

There is a reason "love hurts"
Rhymes with "lovers!"
By picking up this pen
Ive shaped my future

Please draw me a perfect straight line..
You cant.. and neither can i
Im not perfect
Ill pencil this in, to scribble you out..
You wrote...
"ill give you space"
But i cant stop the world..
"it'll be discreet"
.. i cant stop the world..
Ill pencil you in, ill pencil you out.

ive lost... the co-ordinates..
Now im animate, just like those lips of yours..
Guess what ? guess what ?
you forgot my...
"chord that struck a chord" in you
to avoid ill say..."oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh"
Work ?

Cracked lips, that are so cold
overused or oversued?
I spell things differently these days
...to be sold ?

When you read this...
soak the pavement
heavy statement
but you'll miss me

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