Testo What Use Is A Bulletproof-Vest...?

Testo What Use Is A Bulletproof-Vest...?

I shoegaze and pretend to tie my laces
to avoid, all your perfect faces
im sorry, i cant compete with your mouths
bite your tongue, until it bleeds
Talking about someone who doesnt exist
try to bring me down over some girls ive kissed
put your seatbelt on !
'cause when we stop this..
i dont want you falling
apart on me
i cut my finger
on the application form.. for.. sanity

Play with scissors !

ive never had, my lip biten
by your best friend, so get over it
you lose, you lose
"im too old for you"
ive said this line so many times
if i auditioned , id get the part

i wanted you to know that even know youll try
your little lines of adjectives
are my motivation to smile.
when i, when i laugh
its you, its you , thanks
what use is a bulletproof vest when
you have no heart to protect?
and if you could only see me
it'd be a wakeup call
"hearts" fall.

Love me, hate me, ill be happy
reading these messages forever
reading these messages forever

as much sense, as a chat show...
.. for an insomniatic honey bee
spin the motto.
your christmas list
brand new conscience, fingertips
and the ability to show respect

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