Testo Grechen Works In Starbucks

Testo Grechen Works In Starbucks

Im driving to get to you
im trying to save you tonite
youre favourite word has become "tired"
and theres no reason
Im parked by the record store
and you take your time
if the mallrat-kids ask what im waiting for
ill sing

grechen steals the show
no matter where she goes
everybody looks her way
grechen wants to live
somewhere else but here
maybe she could fit in
in new york..

im waiting with the postcards
you sent on my birthday
it brings me luck
so much that i dont even know
what to say
i know where you must me you must be waiting for me
if were both waiting for each other in the snow
i think that's too good to be true

she spins me around, miss merry-go-round
and im on the ground
cause everyones down
im falling at her feet
on a driveway on her street
she got us apple+cinnamon coffee
for the weekend
and i love her
but grechen works in starbucks yea !

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