Testo About Last Night

Testo About Last Night

Its not new years, but you resolve
to show no respect for me at all
you say im useless as
a million miles of sellotape
i should make you
a paper heart
so you would see that from the start
ive been a friend , but you
treat me like an enemy.

I hit the brakes for you
as the lights turn to green
all the cars are waiting
i made no mistakes, you did
as the amber turns to red
i cant excuse the words you said

im looking out for you, woah
saving confrontation
these makeups+breakups
complicate the friendship
im tired of being mad with you
this awkward position these makeups+breakups
complicate the friendship
just like you
just like you do

its headline news, you see
its the fact that we cant speak
tongue-tied by the memories
i decorate honestly
im dizzy cause i believe
you used me like bubblegum

i cant make you, and i cant see you fall
i cant help you, help you see at all

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