Testo Terrace

Testo Terrace

She’s my medicine
when all within me gets too rough
And she’ll be there to swing me round the room
and tell me I am enough

Well if the tables turn just like
The whole atmosphere last night
count me out count me in
I’m your first second win
When it gets rough
You’re my medince

We’ll be sitting on our terrace, terrace
My mind it will be careless, careless
We’ll be sitting on our terrace, terrace
Our lives will be beautiful and all

She’s the one to ease my mind when worries hit my head
sweet and calm she looks at me and tells me you’ll be okay
im looking towards everything that awaits us
might not go as planned
and i guess that
times will change
but she makes me believe that the best is yet to come

I wanna paint the life I’d like to lead
Two tickets into the future that I need
Testi Shelter Boy