Testo Where We Belong

Testo Where We Belong

The burning sky
Where bullets fly
Where we used to live
Where we should live but die

The endless sea
Where humans flee
Where people make their way
Where we try to get free

Why? tell me why?
Tell me why do we have to die?
Why? tell me why?
Tell me why can't we live our lives?

Why can't we stay where we belong?
Why do we have to pray to be welcome?
Why do you slay for your belief?
Why are these days full of hate and grief?

… where we belong
… be welcome
… for your belief
… of hate and grief

The peaceful coast
Where bodies float
Where we saw our last hope
Where warships wipe out our boats

Say it loud
Say it clear
Refugees are welcome here!
Testi Prosecution (The)