Testo Little Ship

Testo Little Ship

There was a ship that went a'sailing
A little boat that went a' whaling
Though it had ne-ne-never sailed before
And it had ne-ne-never left the shore
Away, away

The boat sailed out into the ocean
A'rocking with a gentle motion
Into the Med-Med spell it if you can
Into the Med-Med-iteranian
Away, away

For five or six weeks they just cruised up
And down until their food was used up
And then the co-co-cook said to the crew
We'll have to co-co-cook up one of you
Away, away

To find out who should be the victim
By eeny, meeny, moe they picked him
He was the li-li-ttilest of the lot
He was so li-li-ttle he fit the pot
Away, away

He cried of course and they consoled him
We'll cook you tenderly they told him
So make one one wi-wi-wish and that's your last
He said I wi-wi-wish to climb the mast
Away, away

He shimmied right up to the mast top
Into the lookout at the last top
What's to the nor-nor-north he heard them call
It's just the nor-north pole and that is all
Away, away

So try the south he heard them sing out
So he turned south and heard bells ring out
I hear bells clang-clang-clanging now he cried
It's just the lunch bell clanging they replied
Away, away

But there's a church and there's a steeple
I see a town that's full of people
Across the ti-ti-tide it seems so near
'Cause we're still ti-ti-tied up at the pier
Away, away

And so they cheered and made him Captain
Which proves that anything can happen
Sometimes by lo-lo-looking from afar
We find out whe-whe-where we really are
Or not...

So that's the ending of this edifying story
About the Mediteranian
And we have heard this before
So we will sing, sing, sing it just once more
Away, away
Testi Peter Paul & Mary