Testo Yr No Stoner

Testo Yr No Stoner

Two young fingers in wet cement,
There's a new impression built in front of my apartment.
BG & EE that's so sweet
I wonder what E's gonna say when she sees.

It's a pretty far walk to the DMV

Storm chasin' hippies at a discount mall
Megaphone muppet poster on the wall
Speaking in stones like we've never heard before
You take the risk, I'll get the reward

I don't know too much I just got the keys.

There's billionaire buses on my unlit street
Hey who's that walkin' up? That looks like E
Let's hide in the bushes so that we can hear her say
"Who would build a monument for me anyway?"

That's B! BG! He'll build it for you babe
You know BG, he'll give you what you need
Testi Parquet Chourts