Testo The Rest Is History

Testo The Rest Is History

Yeah, we're a burden.
No, no we don't try real hard.
We just get by strumming our hearts,
All by ourselves.
Yeah, we don't see a purpose.
To the fights you sell.
Cause you're just seeking cheap shots in sweet spots,
I keep my hands to myself.

Some say it's just a phase,
But it's a life style for me.

But this city needs a switch
An infinite glow
Sleepless the bodies' fuel
The tired eyed and this possessed apartment bound.
And I'm waiting
For this light to fade in tone
For this concrete neon city
To give me the key to change the world.

And well see soon enough
As our wide eyes sing our luck.

Now I'm permanently sick
An uncommon cold
Breeding it multiplies, divides
Additives all around
So thank you thank you
Maybe we'll be friends next year
Maybe we'll make a terrible mistake

Maybe we'll change the world

And we'll see soon enough
So thank you and your love

The Rest Is History

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