Testo Spiders Attacking Manhattan

Testo Spiders Attacking Manhattan

Well I was running away from a broken heart
I needed time to get a brand new start
I crossed the city lights, went down the street
When I felt these creepy things around my feet

Yeah, spiders attacking Manhattan

I got up and started jumping around
All these devil spiders all over the ground
Beneath the crowded city streets I saw something's head
In this place, the poor devil smacked his neck

All these spiders are ready to bite
Well, all these spiders, they have to die
She was big, she was black, I shivered in fear
And I knew I was doomed, she laid her eyes on me

Well I was thinking about it, just like a fly
And I knew like a dog, I was going to die
Now I wish I was back, in the web of my girl
But it's too late, so goodbye evil world
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