Testo Damn

Testo Damn

I been away from hell too long, I think it's time I went home
Ain't got no niggas or no weapons, steppin out on my own
Now I missed curfew and shit, the devil's gonna be pissed
But there was much tempation up here that I couldn't resist
I saw MC's who rhymed about guns, they had none, so I bucked em
Girls who gave they ass to anybody, so I fucked em
Stick-up kids vickin mulies and blacks, so I stuck them
And white girls on that feel-attraction shit, had to duck them
Caught crossed by tellin truth, cause shit is real where I come from
You're playin a hum-drum, catch a chest full of dum-dums
Practice makes perf', that's why before my firey rebirth
When I was house-burnt, I yearned to be the illest kid on earth
Some dumb young whipper-snappers thought they could whip a rapper
In skill as ill as I, so I was forced to rip them bastards
Found out with certain chemicals folks forget how to act
So there and I created heroin, cocaine and crack
Made some women high, forget, named em nymphos and hoes
Made brothers who didn't give a fuck, niggas are what I call those
But I guess of all the shit I did foul and improper
Shoulda made some shit to get rid off all the hip-hoppers
And cops who were corrupt to the core, I grant free
Somethin that's not for goverment from takin hard on me
I had thought up some shit that makes you all: KKK got slayed
But it fucked up and backfired, that's why you all got AIDS


I made a deal with Lucifer way back to assure my shit is fat
And in return i gave him all the bodies hell can pack
But somewhere down the line i got trifle
He wanted the big deal, but non-cipher
Nigga gave me assault rifle
A deal's a deal, so muthafuck how you feel now
Just keep my shit real, I'll keep blastin with the steel, pal
You said I'm not your pal, I said you don't wanna be a enemy
Remember, God was such a friend of me, he created 10 of me
Me and my sons was up in heaven causin rukus
Fuckin with them halo-havin-suckers
Till he got fed and said fuck us
Threw me on earth, and I recruited troops for unholy capers
Murderers, thieves and child-rapists, smokin cess in bible papers
Spreadin seeds throughout your sector, infectin mad heffas
Killin your first-born son, drinkin blood like fruit nectar
Upside down flame and crosses tatooed right on the chest
Never stress drama, cause we absorbe bullets, fuck a vest
Cuttin off the preachers' ears, so they can't hear but only see
When I fuck they daughter then wash my dick in holy water
Pure evil is my shit, kid, whatever got broke was fixed quick
Look close at my dome, and peep the mad triple sixes
Smoke a bit of that crack shit, brainiacs in backflips
Walk around like on some old pullin-your-heart-out-through-your-back-shit
Go to your funeral, kneel over your casket, cryin 'blesseth'
Before 'he all you gaveth' smoke your essence with my cess bitch

(From hell)

I smokes mad ism, but keep my thoughts clear, I never let a cloud appear
I know what KRS was on when he made Outta Here
Things can come and go like a freaky 4-11 hoe
One day you the muthafucka, yo, tomorrow no dough
I ain't tryin to cross over, I stays on the street track
And if I do, I raise enough hell to make em push me back
Born, raised and fucked up in the ghetto
Far from the grass of meadows
Just a puppet with strings like Jepetto's Pinocchio
And I love the fuckin streets, cause they show me, no
Matter how high I hung, never let the a hoe trip you, yo
I learned shit could be bitter or sweet like a cup of coffee
So I made a shank from my spoon and cut them fuckin strings off me
Walk the line between good and bad, no net below me, no one to show me
Where to go, gee, while the winds of change try to blow me
Into one of another, but I be a determinded smart brother
And held on, now I got some both in me, you muthafuckaaaaa...!
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