Testo A While

Testo A While

Once i had a dream,
and then i walked a way,
a way i was looking for,
then i had to quit because i got afraid.

I got afraid of a door,
i made a wish heaven leaked.
I'd been getting near
and i hope to always search
and maybe find a way.

Now i stick around
on a strange intense day,
i seem resigned to my fate,
i spend my waking hours
mired in my dreams

I fell asleep in some lips,
then i was falling apart
like in a lost film
but then i woke with a start
keep on finding a way.
You're a leaf and your veins are birds
like rivers in silence they ring in me.
Don't worry if you leave,
i won't be wrapped around your stem but
will you walk a while more ?

There's children singing.
The sun is shining
around your fortress,
the sun is shining
will you walk a while more ?
will you walk a while more ?
will you walk a while more ?
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