Testo Try me

Testo Try me

You ignored me for a week, and I start feeling like a freak.

Be a good girl, make my day and listen what I have to say:

Try me ? you know that I'm the best! Try me ? put me to the test! Try me ? forget about the rest! Try me ? stop this useless quest!

What the hell do you want with a baboon like this?
What the hell do you want with a braindead goon like this?

What am I supposed to do to make you talk to me? What the hell is wrong with you?

You've got two eyes to see.

Why can't you see what everybody knows?

I was made for you. Don't be scrooge, give me the overdose.

There's a lot to do.

Anytime you need me, I'll be by your side. Anytime you need me I will burst with pride.

Give the guy the sack, girl ? what are you waiting for?

Get him off your back, girl, 'cause you deserve much more.
Testi Kick Joneses