Testo Mrs Chambers Kitchen 2

Testo Mrs Chambers Kitchen 2

Smoking on my reefer tryna dig a little deeper
And I’m still my brothers keeper
I’m just playing my position, ended up being a leader

But this shit just isn’t easy
I’ve got a lot mouths to feed and I need more than this pizza
Pressure on my shoulders, learnt some lessons from my olders
Funerals in August, but some blessings in October

My brother said he ain’t shook about coming back to the hood
I’m worried that’s he’s coming back for good
Before I’m gone and forgotten, I’ll tell my people I’ve got them
Cause I, didn’t count my blessings before I lost them

I’ve gone from being on the stage, to putting Grandma in a grave
Sleeping good sleeps, to nights laying awake
In the darkness I bleed, in the light it’s all okay
Wear my heart on my sleeve and I leave it on the page

Say it all on the mic and I stay away from the hype
Tell my family I love ‘em and I treat my lady right
But I’m just tryna sleep through the night
I’m just tryna sleep through the night

Sipping on my Henny until the bottle is empty
Grieving in December but blessings in January
I’m black and proud the youngers are black and ready

Music makes me money, being popping makes me funny
Fake laughs in a room full of money
Where it’s dark but it used to be sunny

Seen too many people get ticked off for a logo
Seen too many people get licked down for a postcode
Me I’m just tryna take the crown and then go home
That’s why chillin in mobay instead of the Mobos

I heard that the, I heard the limelight turns you loco
That’s why you rarely see my face in all the photos
I’m all about music, otherwise I’m too reclusive
They all ask me how I’m doing, I smile and say I’m improving, when I’m really going through it

I’m still tryna figure it out
I’m still tryna live here without her
And I’m still tryna put God first
Still tryna give her the world, and I’m still tryna build her a house

But it’s too late
I’m just tryna do it right
Just tryna sleep through the night
Just tryna sleep through the night, yeah
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