Testo Over It

Testo Over It

You make me so mad,
I should not have let you under my skin
You are just like all the reast, I guess.
I thought you were my friend.

Last night when you left,
you forgot to say goodbye
I guess you just left to pretend you cared for a while.

And I call out your name as the cars go by.

Really thought that I wanted you just for a minute.
Don't worry, I'll get over it.

It's my own damn fault,
I should not have let you in so far, so fast
Nothing that feels this good ever lasts
Just like you never let go of your mess, no.

I really thought that you wanted me just for a minute, guess you got over it.
You called me up this morning, you acted like nothing happend.
You made me start to wonder if I'm being to dramatic
but how could you make me dumb my self,
thought you were the one who needed help
goes to show it's not just you -
I feel stupid too. Feel stupid too.

You really think you want someone just for a minute
but I get over it,
but I get over it,
hope I get over it,
don't wanna get over it,
but I hope I get over it

Testi di Joe Purdy