Testo Through Lovers Eyes

Testo Through Lovers Eyes

There's a rose, at the botton of the garden
and it keeps on growing
and it grows higher and higher
than all the other flowers weeping
There's a star, in the middle of the sky and it keeps on shining
and it shines brighter and brighter
when all the other stars are dimming
See my heart belongs to you
In my heart I know it's true
In a world full of dreamers
There's nothing else that I am sure of
as the willow starts to cry
and your heart begins to sing
I hear a lullaby, when everybody else is sleeping

See the world, through lovers eyes
and hear your heart
like you're listening to a lovers whisper
take your dreams, and sing them to the night
Don't let your fear of the dark take away your light,
and see through Lovers eyes

There's a road, there's an old dusty road and it leads to nowhere
but i hope that somebody takes it
just to see what they are missing
and if there's such a place of Neverland
you can take me there
cos with just one kiss.. we can surely live forever


There's a girl and she sits at the piano
and she'll keep on singing
and she'll sing louder and louder
even though nobody's listening

Testi di Jennifer Rafferty