Testo Kappa (River Child)

Testo Kappa (River Child)

I crawl into the river
And fall down in a glassy maze
A new sky hovers above me
I can’t recognize anything
I stand out, stand out
Alone and almost erased
I stand out, s-s-stand out
I can’t recognize this place

In whose world am I?

Trespassed in old clothes from a time I’m without
Seven eyes on me now
I am found out

Pulled even further
Now I can never leave
I can’t be bothered ‘bout my health
When I got this coming at me

Can’t you that they’re coming in
As they repackage your burial
Can’t you feel that they’re coming in
Bathed in emerald shine

I awake from a dream unconfined by sense of sight alone
In all in the haze eyes with hunger on me and
I wonder if this what death feels like
Suffocating out in the open air
Drowning in an empty sea
Drowning in the empty sea and never coming home again

I ain’t listening what you got to say, man
While all them bodies they hang from the ceiling

They hang from the ceiling
They light up the ceiling

Now is that what you want from me if I start to misbehave?
To be part of immortal hues inside of this glassy cage

Just gotta have it
Testi Greyhaven