Testo Eye Of The Storm

Testo Eye Of The Storm

It will fucking consume me

there is no space for anything else
the day will come the earth stands still
all of us will admit they've failed
when the ground below will break away

i want to be my own god
but the faith is placed in someone else
thats why we watch the false god raised
this land is watering up in the tempest

my hate goes deep like an ocean
my hate is pure manifestation

and the waters will rise
clouds will darken the horizon
the flood of the oncoming storm
what do you expect of a fallen son
each one of us will get down
and there is nothing in this world
that is built to last
in the middle of this storm

it will crash upon you and me
i am willing to pay the debt
i cant save me from myself
i can at least unleash my wrath
drown the feelings that we dwell
our souls will be punished in hell
the rain is calling in for now
the beginning of a new age
i wish it would rain on me
to wash myself innocent and clean
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