Testo Phone Tap Intro

Testo Phone Tap Intro

[Male Fed:] "Ah, control, come in control, ah we have wire and we need to know if
you can help us out like right now."

[Female Fed:] "How many are you up by?"

[Male Fed:] "Ah that would be two targets, control, ah, NAS and AZ. I think this
is what we've been waitin' for."
[Female Fed:] "Are they on a hard wire or cell phone?"

[Male Fed:] "Ah, both are on cell, control, both are on cell. Do you have what we

[Female Fed:] "That's affirmative."

[Cell phone rings]

[NAS:] "Damn - the fuck -"

[Male Fed:] "Ok - this is it."

[NAS:] "Who the fuck is callin' my cellie right now?"
[Phone beeps as he turns it on]
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