Testo Leave Mine To Me

Testo Leave Mine To Me

From out your mouth
Come words of weakness
All your haters are equal
In your coward world
Follow your herd
Somewhere in this time
You try to get by
With your crew of fakes

Look at yourself
Whatdo you have in life?
I have my hopes
And I'll die with them

I gotta fight for my life kid so get down
everybody in this life's a prophet for letdown
I will never back down, step and fight the lies
Fucking cowards and faggots, my pride will rise
You can't stop this shit, kid
Familia forever and it's time to deal with
Time to feel, bitch, this is real kid
Motherfucker get out we defend and feel this
I learned everything in life is to step up and fight
Gotta fight for what we believe and what we do is fucking right
This is our scene, it's our fucking life
If you step up and disrespect us you better be ready to fucking fight

This is my only thing

Fuck you
and fuck your life
Fuck you
Leave mine to me
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