Testo When All Else Fails

Testo When All Else Fails

?Close your mind
Prepare yourself
I'm going to break into your thoughts,? said Snape
?Well, this sucks,? thought Harry
What if he finds out about me
Kissing Cho Chang underneath the
Mistletoe after the DA at Christmas
Boy, would I be pissed

He struck before I was ready
And everything went foggy
And I saw Hermione in the hospital wing
And I saw 100 Dementors floating over me and Sirius
As they did in my third year

Snape said that I wasn't trying
Which of course was true
I couldn't care less about this subject
?Legilimens,? he said as he
Broke into my mind again
And I saw Cedric get murdered by Lord Voldemort

Snape said that I still wasn't trying
I said I was making an effort
He said I had to rid myself of emotion
Which I found hard at the time and the place that was
Snape's dungeon

Oh, Occulmency
Why do you hate me, what did I do to you?

I remember my final lesson
It was later in the day
Me and Cho just had a fight
About her friend snitching on the DA

Snape had to cut out early
I really didn't mind
But he left something important out
On his desk for me to find
It looked oddly like a basin, but not so much a basin
And I looked in
And this is what I saw:

This is Snape's worst memory
It's about him and James and Sirius in the courtyard during OWLs
James was an arrogant git
He would curse Snape for the fun of it
He was only 15 with a stolen Snitch
Messing up his hair like he got done playing Quidditch
And Lily, oh Lily, yes, she saw him and she loathed him, why did she marry him
I don't know why she married him
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