Testo Voldemort, Peace Off!

Testo Voldemort, Peace Off!

Voldemort is not good, not like Luna Lovegood
So bad, You Know Who, he could eat Winnie da Poo
He's got the emotional range of a glove
Coz he'll never understand love

Don't kill the Muggles
Don't kill the Mudbloods
Don't kill the Weasleys
Don't kill the babies
Don't kill the Aurors
Stay with your Dementors
And... Save the planet
(save the planet)

Voldemort is ugly, just like Sarkozy
The Dark Lord is evil, like an old rotten bagel.
His Death Eaters are just a bunch of losers (so ugly they hide their faces)
They couldn't find a better leader

Don't kill Oliver Wood
Don't kill Clint Eastwood
Don't kill Hermione
Don't kill Christophe Mae
Don't kill the communists
Stay with your Basilisk
And... Save the planet
(save the planet)

Vodemort lost his nose in a fight with Grindillows
He made fucking Horcruxes, now his mind is in pieces.
He's so nasty he wants to kill sexy Harry
But the fangirls will stop this catastrophe

Don't kill Petunia
Don't kill my umbrella
Don't kill Trelawney
Don't kill Depp Depp Johnny
Don't kill Bob Morane
Stay in Azkaban
And... Save the planet
(save the planet)

Quand tu te brosses les dents, ferme les robinets
Jettes tes papiers dans les bonnes poubelles
Voldemort, faut que tu fasse le tri
Eteins les lumières quand tu sors de ta chambre
Voldemort, fais gaffe aux fosses septiques
Même si t'as la colique!

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