Testo Oh Disposable Me

Testo Oh Disposable Me

I hope he holds your hand.
Squeezes tighter with the softest touch.
Clever words on the tip of his tongue.
Spend nights in cheap hotels
Pushing me into the back of your mind.

There are no cares.
Every night you fall asleep in his arms.
Just like us until we came undone.
I was the lucky one.

Will I ever get it right?

You move so slow

So there you go.
And here I am.
One more song show your friends.
Same pathetic kid from 17.

Every time he sings this song remembers that your gone.

Wrote a letter to rewrite my self.
I sent it to you because there was no one else
Who could read me, see me, taste or touch.
We were close to alive but it wasn't enough.

Your friends All drift away.
Floating love and faith beneath me I don't know I couldn't say.
Who's this man I've grown to be?
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