Testo Two Berries On A Twig

Testo Two Berries On A Twig

Standing in the rain
Yesterday, mmm.

I have to go away,
I'll always see you that way, mmm.
Berries on a twig
In the rain, mmm.

The twig
Can't support the weight
One must fall down, mmm.

I love you
She loves me.

I can't be near
Where you live,
Within five hundred feet...

I'm so sorry.

I don't know what I did
To make you turn away from me,
(I still love you.)

I wait on your front yard,
Smoking cigarettes,
(Please talk to me.)

Two berries
On a twig,
Soaked in the rain.

When one falls,
I'll be there to catch it.
Come on, let's fuck!

Someday you'll visit me
In the cafeteria
(Where I live now.)

Regret the things you said on the day
(Through your attorney.)

I miss you
You miss me
I will return.

When I stop sketching you
In the nude
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