Testo Phone Sex

Testo Phone Sex

(feat. DJ Koko)

Starla: Hi, honey! Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a...sweet kiss for you!

Phone sex,
Dont'cha just-a love-a the feeling,
Talkin' to a beautiful stranger,
Makin' sure she has good lovin',
While you're in a darkened motel room,
Chargin' 'bout three dollars a minute,
Every time you call up the number,
Starla Starla Starla will answer,
And she'll ask you if you feel fine now,
Then she'll ask-a, What are you wearing?
And you'll say to her, I got clothes on,
But I'll take 'em off if you want me.
Starla says to take 'em off, oh yeah!
Pull your underwear down your legs now,
Show me that huge and throbbin' Johnson.
I'll be playin' with it like a sausage,
Squeezin' it and kneadin' it like bread dough,
Spittin' on my hand and winkin' at you,
Then-a you'll-a suck-a my titties,
And you start to rub at my crotch now.
Baby, I'm-a wet, it's like a river,
Flowin' past the forest of pubies.
Gettin' your a-fingers all wet now.
Makin' you and me a-feel dirty,
All the same we really feel sexy...
Lickin' and a-rubbin' each other.
Then she'll guide you into her bunker,
And you'll thrust your manrod inside her,
Her head rolls back and then she starts moanin'
Then you say, I'll turn on some music.
Listen to some Guns N' Roses.
I know you're gonna love Mike Clink, now.

Suck it and a fuck it and love it.
Turn up the volume on your cordless.
I wanna hear the sound of you cumming.

Starla: It's true I'm young, but I know exactly what to do and say to make you cum. Phone sex with me is an experience like none other in the world
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